Electrical Services

Pot Lights & Light Fixture Installation

If we have to involve with existing home to add more installation (lighting, switches, or outlets), we will do our job without or minimum damage, we will let you know our plan in advance. If you plan to do a renovation project in your kitchen, bathroom or basement in your home, we are ready to be involved to finish the job up to the standard of ESA (Electrical Safety Authority).


Contact us for a free estimate, because Only Certified Electricians should assess these faults. Electrical faults are dangerous and should only be approached by our highly qualified electricians. We can help if you experience an outage due to a circuit breaker tripping or if your electrical outlets aren't working properly.

Wiring & Rewiring

If you're planning to wire a new commercial building or to install new pot lights in your home Electrical Contractor is your first call to make. Our workers are Certified Electricians who are highly qualified to work any wiring or rewiring job, from simple home renovations to commercial buildings.

Phone and Communication

Contact us for your communication requirements because commercial phone systems can be complicated to wire. Our Electrician will ensure all phones in your home or building are properly and safely connected.

Machinery Wiring / Motor Control

Electric motors require special wiring as they use electrical energy to produce mechanical energy. Electric motors can be found in power tools, household appliances and industrial pumps or fans. They often will not function effectively or safely on residential currents. Electrical contractor will provide you with optimal service so you are able to safely use electric motor devices in your home or business.

Service Upgrades

Many electrical outages in your home could mean that you require an upgrade in your service. We will check your home to see if this is the case or not and we will discuss all possible options to resolve any issue you may have.
Changing your service can be complicated, so be sure to call us.
Our electricians will survey your job to ensure every wire path is safe and hazard-free.

Pool or Hot Tub

All pools and hot tubs require electrical connection in order to work properly. Our electricians will install and service your electric pumps, heaters, filters and lighting. Electrical contractor will ensure all connections and codes are in place. We will install and inspect underground wiring, voltage and amp power, as well as ground-fault circuit interrupter devices.

Heating & Cooling

Heating and cooling systems, are essential to any residential or commercial space. Electrical issues with these systems can be costly if not caught early. Trust our qualified electricians to keep your system running properly and efficiently to keep you and your guests comfortable.

ESA Deficiency Report Correction and Insurance Issues (electrical only)

If you have problems dealing with buyer of a house or ESA Deficiency Report or insurance company with regard to aluminium wiring or electrical installation, we will correct all deficiency and satisfy all parties concerned, including ESA.