What you need to know
What You Need to Know about Remodelling!
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Planning a renovation or electrical remodelling? Updating the kitchen or bathroom? Adding new lighting? If your project involves new electrical wiring or devices, or repairing/replacing old ones, you need to know your obligations under Ontario law.Don’t let your home improvement dream become a nightmare. Follow the law and do it right. Here’s some electrical remodelling tips:

Bathroom lighting remodelling tips
The space between the lay and the wall is one of the most critical but least forgiving areas for bathroom lighting. People must be able to see the lay or vanity as well as themselves in the mirror above. To do this, the fixture must illuminate the person's face. The simplest solution is a fixture above the mirror. This is also the worst, since the fixture throws light downward onto the person's face, causing shadows below the eyebrows, nose and chin—just what you don't want when shaving or putting on make-up.


Kitchen lighting remodelling tips
Good lighting in the kitchen is probably harder than any other space in the house. First, all work areas need adequate task light of the right color and intensity. The room also needs ambient light for general illumination. If a dining area is part of the kitchen, it should be lit with a source that fosters enjoyment of the meal. Can all these goals be met? The answer is yes, with sensitive lighting strategies.